Stanley Park with Winnie Ko

2 Weeks ago I got the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Winnie Ko (@winnieheart). You might recognize her from some of LeendaDProduction's Youtube skits. But that wasn't why I asked to shoot with her.

I recently got hold of my first brand project and it revolved around a wanderlust theme. Winnie fits the theme perfectly. Not only is she a big fan of outdoor adventures, she also backpacked around different countries before.  

Since this was my first brand project, I was pretty ambitious in getting as many shots as possible - at as many places as possible. After our introductory chat at Buro Espresso Bar, we walked over to the colourful alleyway since Winnie hasn't seen it yet. Her SeaWheeze bag and skirt matched the walls so well! After that short stop, we started the project shoot. We shot around the Convention Centre, Stanley Park Seawall, Prospect Point, Lion's Gate Bridge, the Lighthouse, Second Beach, and along Third Beach. The whole shoot itself took 6 hours since we walked the whole way. 

Oh and she rapped for me.

Most people would have been annoyed about how long the shoot was and about getting lost multiple times (sorry). But it was different with Winnie. Even though we just met, we quickly got past the small talk and chatted about some deep life topics. It felt like as if we've known each other for a while! Probably one of the most down-to-earth person I've ever met. I think we had fun. Oh and she rapped for me. I tried to record it but she wouldn't let me :( 

To finish the day, we lugged our tired bodies to grab some ramen at Men-No Kura. According to my pedometer (MoveSum), Winnie and I walked 25,570 steps that day. Wow.