Blogger Shoot Pt. 3: Zack Randel

I'll be honest.  I don't really have any idea how to pose Men. Before I shot with Zack Randel (@zack_michael_), I have only photographed two other males. The good thing is that all of them - including Zack - have experience posing and modelling. Lucky me!

Zack came along with @gracedwithstyle to our blogger meet last month. One thing we chatted extensively was about photography. He told me that is he really getting interested in it and was asking me about lenses and camera bodies. Even though I'm not a BIG gear person (that stuff costs pots of gold), I gave my opinion on what I think is the best for the content he is shooting. 

Since Zack has modelled for clothing companies in the past, it was a breeze to work with him. When I look at how the pictures came out, I can totally imagine him appearing in GQ or another magazine! Can you imagine that too? 

Coat: Ralph Lauren
Jeans: APC