Rooftops with Sylvia Do

I sort of have a dark personality.

That is what she told me. I didn't quite understand and still don't. From the time we sat down for coffee, to shooting on the rooftop, and until the end as we hugged goodbye, I didn't sense this unicorn haired girl having a dark personality. I felt the complete opposite. I'm still confused.

But that may be what makes Sylvia more captivating. 

Sylvia Do is half of @thesylverlining. Her other half is all the way in Singapore, which explains the sunny pictures that shows up here and there. Since they take turns posting, it gives an unique angle for their page. 

This was actually one of my favourite photoshoots. If you take a look at the shots below, you can see Sylvia's charms. Her smile - which emits an outgoing, playful, bouncy character. Her stare - that brings out mystery and intrigue. As a photographer, I want to capture the unique personalities of my models. But that isn't so easy to do. Telling someone to just be "them" can sometimes make it even harder. So when I see these photos, I feel like I really captured Sylvia here. 

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