My Life Goals & Fall Moods with Boyu Ba

I've never been a big fan of New Year Resolutions. So when people ask me about my Resolution, I tend tell them where I want my life to head. So where do I want my life to head? 

I want my life to be surrounded by creatives and passionate people. 

This isn't something completely random I whipped up. Ever since I got a taste of startups, I became enamoured by the energy such environments can induce. There's something incredible about being with highly passionate people who are creating cool shit. Ever since September, I started seeking these people on Instagram.

You might be wondering why I chose Instagram. I think Instagram is a truly unique and fascinating platform. Get this: By looking through a person's posts, you get a both a visual and written glimpse of their thoughts, hobbies, personality, and even their life perspective. And because I can decipher all these things from a person's Instagram profile, I can gauge whether they are the creative and highly passionate person I want to be around. 

After glossing around Boyu Ba's Instagram (@boyuba), I knew that she was someone I wanted to work with and I'm glad I was able to. Aside from being an amazing creative and really passionate about what she does - there's something else that makes her stand out. There's just something incredibly charming about her. The love that she gets on Instagram is definitely a testament to that!

After 3 photoshoots, I'm going to go with charming :). Below are pictures of Boyu in 3 different Fall outfits.