Catchup with Cici Ip

"Nose to belly button!"

2 Years ago, Cici (@foureyefatale) and I met at a student icebreaker event where it ended off with the strangest game. Everyone would split up into partners and be situated at the opposite side of the room. The club executives would call out 2 body parts and each pair would race across the room to link those parts together. The pairs that were the slowest would be eliminated. As you can imagine...the game got progressively more difficult. Ofcourse with my luck - I got paired up with some awkward guy who seemed like he was just dragged to the event by his friends. 

Flash forward 2 years -- we caught up over some cold brew coffee at Timbertrain Coffee Roasters and laughed about how we met. After our short chat, we made our way to the CBC building for the shoot. What I love about the CBC building is the big concrete walls and stairs, textured walls, and glass panes. It also has two picnic tables that was perfect for Cici to sit and pose.

It was super fun to catch up with Cici and to shoot with. Take a look at some of the shots below: