Broadway with Lucy Yun

If you follow Lucy Yun (@beyunique), you probably noticed her unique style - one that blends high-tier brands, edgy street wear, and garments by local designers. Because I'm used to mostly shooting models who wear Zara, Aritizia, and H&M styles, it was a very different experience when I shot with Lucy. The pop of colours, textures, and cuts felt like I was shooting for a high-end magazine! It was extra special because Lucy was wearing designs by local designer Alex S. Yu - who recently showed off these pieces at the 2016 Vancouver Fashion Week.

The funny thing is, when I asked Lucy the name of the brands she was wearing, I barely knew any of them. It shows how little I know about non-mainstream brands that aren't Zara or Dior...

Can't wait to collaborate with Lucy again in the future :)

Top: Alex S. Yu
Bottom: Alex S. Yu
Jacket: Acne Studios
Watch: Christian Paul
Jewelry: Jenny Bird
Sunglasses: Gentle Monster
Sneakers: Dover Street Market New York by Reebok
Black Shoes: Alexander Smith London