Gastown with Jordyn McClelland

If you live in Vancouver, you know how unpredictable, random, and bipolar the weather is here. Because I hate rescheduling photoshoots, I spend extra time scouting out backup locations in case of sudden rainstorms.

This is exactly what happened when I shot with Jordyn McClelland (@__jordyntaylor__). An unexpected rain shower – to our luck – began to hammer down on the city, right before we met. Our original plan of shooting on the nice open rooftops in downtown had to be scrapped for a bit. Fortunately, I had 2-3 indoor locations scouted out back in October, when the rain kept me exploring inside buildings instead of the streets.

I love it when a model brings more than one outfit. It means more content for them and me! You bet I was excited when Jordyn told me she brought 3. Three very different outfits that each emit their own distinct vibes. She really surprised me on how well she pulled off each style. It really speaks to how versatile she is.  

Outfit 1:
Denim Jacket - Old Navy (Mens)
Jeans - Blank Denim
Shirt - American Apparel
Boots - Aldo

Outfit 2:
Top - Golden by TNA
Skirt - Vintage
Shoes - Aldo

Outfit 3:
Army Jacket - Zara
Shirt Dress - H&M (mens t-shirt)
Boots - Aldo
Belt - Asos
Hat - Topshop

Make sure to give Jordyn a follow on Instagram! She is definitely someone to watch :)