New Westminster w/Sarahjwong, Stylebyamberhuang and Alisonntam

When I was in school, student clubs was the place for me to meet like-minded individuals. If you were to ask me about my fondest university memories, I could go on for hours about the amazing people I've met and the experiences I've had in them. 

When I was out of school, I desired to find a similar place. However, networking events and Meetup groups just wasn't the same as student clubs. There was pressure and it didn't feel genuine. 

People have long warned me about the difficulties of meeting people after you are out of school. I felt this and it suffocated me. 

It sounds cheesy but Instagram really changed that reality. 

As my interest in Instagram and photography grew, I had this crazy idea (since I'm just a small potato) of creating an Instameet where people from the same niches or different niches could come together and meet each other. Sort of like a student club. 

Before getting too ahead of myself, I sat down with several respectable Vancouver Instagrammers (shoutout to Nicole ( and Nathan (@bokehbites)) to get their opinion. Even though they liked the idea, the experience of meetings had the same type of feeling I had in student clubs.

I was pretty hooked.

Ever since that time, I've been actively meeting some amazing like-minded people through Instagram. I can say without a doubt, I would be preaching and complaining, about how difficult it is to meet people once you're out of school, if I didn't meet Nicole or Nathan. 

So when @sarahjwong_ told me in December that she wanted to meet more bloggers and do some mini meetups, I was ESTATIC. You bet I encouraged her to go for it! 

On a COLD and clear December day, I met up with Sarah, @alisonntam, and @stylebyamberhuang for shoot. It is incredible how these 3 braved the -15 degrees weather! I was all bundled up but they were wearing only 2 layers...Talk about dedication!

Take a peek at the photos from the shoot below!


Fur Vest: Sirens
Leather Jacket: Top Shop
Checkered Pants: Aritzia

Hat: Garage
Top: Zara
Trousers: Topshop
Boots: Public Desire 

Leather Jacket: House of Mackage
Grey Sweater: Aritzia
Pants: Zara